Student Morale


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Little boy overwhelmed with homework sitting sad at school desk with books and textbooks. Depressed pupil tired of learning. Cartoon flat vector illustration

With around 1,500 students at PCN, the morale within the school is pretty low. Now many are probably wondering, what is morale and how is it low? Morale is the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time— it means school or team spirit.

School can be tough for a variety of reasons. Homework can have a lot of stress and a big impact on students. Poor teaching can lower a student’s education, and kids are bullied on a daily basis. Work and tests are used for teachers to determine whether students are understanding the lesson or not but how do you know whether they are actually learning or cheating?

Morale has a lot to do with one’s self. Many students have outside lives such as family and financial situations that can prevent them from attending school events or even wanting to participate in school spirit. Some students are even put in a situation where they have to work to help out parents or babysitting younger siblings prevents them from being an average highschool student that experiences that high school fun that the older generation talks about. Students might also have roles in church activities. At times teenagers are just not satisfied with life making them not even want to go to school or socialize with their peers.

Others are even frightened by all the school shootings going on in the world today. School is supposed to be a safe and well rounded environment for students. So how do we raise that student and school morale if students can’t even feel safe inside or outside of a school building? Making students at North feel safe and surrounded with love no matter their outside school life is the answer? This school has an amazing student council that brings light and fun to students at PCN. Our school hosted a wonderful pep rally the week of Homecoming. It brought excitement and wonderful enthusiasm to our school which I can say raised some of our student morale. North hosts a great deal of school events to make it a better place for not just the students but the teachers as well as the surrounding community. North gives students lots of reasons to have school spirit, especially if you get involved.